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For us, snowboarding is part of winter like the peak is part of the mountain. This is where we like to spend our free time. We are Johannes, Jakob and Matthias - three friends from Munich and the founders of CLEW.

It all started on a snowy winter day... In the chairlift, Jakob and Johannes talked about the annoying strapping and unstrapping of the binding. At the time, the two were studying mechanical engineering together with a focus on product development. They agree: there has to be a better solution. The friends discuss various options - and have a brilliant idea.

In the following weeks Jakob and Johannes tested and developed several binding concepts. At the end, a simple but ingenious idea prevails - a solution that combines all the advantages of traditional bindings in one product: the unique two-part CLEW system is born.
Convinced of their solution and with great anticipation of the coming winter, the two decide to start a company with their friend Matthias.

What does the name CLEW mean? CLEW is a combination of clever and new. CLEW combines precision with freedom, creativity with style and finally the snowboarder with his board.

"We want to show everyone how much fun snowboarding is, by making it more comfortable and accessible!"

What we achived so far:

ISPO Award Gold Winner

42 jury members from 13 countries and three continents have awarded the CLEW binding as Gold Winner in the category Snowboard Equipment! 

Jan 2020
pre rider 2019

Finally the time has come, our first production model has been delivered!  

Dec 2019
Company founding of the CLEW GmbH 

After advanced development and very successful test rides, the founding team enters the business world.

  Mar 2019
A milestone has been reached;
CLEW gets the EXIST-funding 

Thanks to the business start-up grant for innovative technologies, the three founders can work on their project full time for a whole year.

  Nov 2018
First place „Strascheg Award 201 7"  

At the Ideas Competition of the University of Applied Sciences Munich, the snowboard binding is awarded as the "Best Business Idea from a University Course".

  Oct 2017
 The Idea for a well-known problem is born  

At university, Johannes and Jakob are developing the concept of a two-part snowboard binding. A first prototype is created using 3D printing.

  May 2017


Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens

Johannes Weckerle, Product design

Johannes is the creative mind at CLEW. As a product designer, he takes care of the construction and production of snowboard bindings. After completing his training as a technician, he studied mechanical engineering with a focus on product development at the University of Munich. He paused his master's degree in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Munich, so that CLEW and his snowboard bindings could become a reality.

Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens

Jakob Schneider,
Product Development

Jakob is the all-rounder at CLEW. With his creativity and a critical eye for detail, he dedicates himself to technical development and quality management. Like Johannes, he studied mechanical engineering at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Jakob was just doing his master's degree in Applied Research in Engineering when he seized the opportunity to turn his passion for snowboarding into a profession as a product developer.

Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens

Matthias Albrecht,

Matthias is the man for the numbers at CLEW. The IHK industrial clerk and master’s graduate in Business Administration focuses on finance and operational activities. Thanks to his practical training and more than 8 years of professional experience in various industries (aerospace, automotive, electronics and pharmaceuticals), he brings with him a wide range of knowledge in almost every business management topics.

Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens

Anna Weckerle,
Brand Design

Anna, the big sister of Johannes, is a freelance graphic designer. As a team member of CLEW, she is responsible for graphic and brand design. Anna completed a training as a communication designer at the Hamburg Technical Art School and completed a master's degree in “Visual Brand Design” from the Domus Academy in Milan.